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The Value For Coaches, Speakers, Trainers and Authors


"The Challenge platform allows me to micro coach. I've been able to create relationships that frankly would have been difficult for me to create without the platform. "

Damon Valentino, Co-creator of the 30-Day Flow Challenges & InteroFlow

"It's opening my clients' eyes to what's possible in terms of professional development beyond just having a motivational speaker come and speak."

Roni Habib, Creator of the 30-Day R.A.M.P. UP Challenge

"By integrating Challenges, our clients have been seeing more value in the training experiences that we provide. It really puts the learner in the driver's seat."

Scott Winter, Co-Creator of the 30-Day Collaboratory, InteroFlow and the Flow Series

Create Your Challenge With Us!

Imagine Your Content Combined With

Mobile Tech

Daily Inspiration

Positive Reinforcement

Peer Support

A Gamified Challenge Platform For

Follow up your workshops with a Challenge that lets your clients practice the principles you coach.

Convert your keynotes into interactive Challenges and turn your audiences into long-term clients.

Take your course content and design a micro-practice to apply it in real time at work and in life.

Easily turn your book into a Challenge and bring your content to life in a whole new way!

Create Your Challenge With Us!

We Are Your Challenge Launch Specialist & Program Success Consultant 

We support coaches, speakers, trainers and authors who desire to have a deeper impact and grow their business by integrating challenges into their service offerings. 

Challenges are an easy and fun way to keep your audiences engaged after your workshop or keynote, to support your book sales or to prime new leads and clients to purchase your premium offerings.

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Why A Challenge

A Challenge is your opportunity to transform people’s lives at scale! Unlike other online learning platforms, the Challenge Dashboard is a social micropractice experience that drips out inspiration and daily mini tasks that take no more than 5 minutes to complete. 

The Challenge Platform designed by our partner, InJoy Global is powered by positive psychology, neuroscience and gamification.

Turning learning into play makes it easy to stay consistently motivated to make small adjustments each day that generate exponential results over time.

Participants’ Benefits:

  • More value
  • Integration of new skills
  • Social Connections
  • Changed behaviors
  • Shifted mindset
  • Sense of belonging
  • Better results
  • Motivation

YOUR Benefits:

  • Scale your influence
  • Expand your impact
  • Add new revenue streams
  • Generate more leads
  • Get more referrals
  • Build trust and rapport with new clients at scale
  • Turn your clients into an interactice learning community
  • Ascend your clients into your high ticket programs and services
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How We Support You

We help translate your

course / curriculum / book / knowledge / values / teachings / methods / principles / practices

into a gamified Challenge that turns your

clients / students / audiences / followers

into raving fans that'll buy higher ticket items and refer new clients to you.





  • Content Curation Support
  • Challenge Design Support
  • Custom Funnel Design & Implementation
  • Enrollment Management 
  • Program Management


  • Lead Capture Page
  • Autoresponder Email
  • Nurture Email Sequence 
  • Multi Media Production

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What Users Say About Our Challenge Platform

"An easy and practical way to approach self growth."

- John Pearson

"Little things everyday. From little things, big things grow."

- Erin Morrissey

"The consistent momentum of growth throughout the Challnege is sustaining."

- Rodi Adema

“Consistency and sense of community help to turn small steps into great gains.”

- Mónica Díaz de Peralta

"Consistency and a shared peer experience exponentially increases self-accountability.”

- Paul McFadden

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