Flow is Your Birthright! 

We Invite You to Immerse Yourself in the Science of Human Potential!

To meet these extraordinary times, we need to learn to control our biology, master positive thinking, and live in the present moment. The good news is that we’re wired for this! Real change requires urgency, focus. We need to know how to turn on and off as well for active recovery. If this feels both exciting and scary at the same time, you’re in the right place!

This moment is about creating the ‘new optimal’ - so let’s practice it together! All it takes less than 10 minutes a day.


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The Antidote to Anxiety and Stress


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“The best moments usually occur if a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult and worthwhile.” 

~ Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi


Why this Challenge?

In our current climate, the stakes are high. We will not be able to solve the wicked problems facing us using the old programming we’ve relied upon. Put simply, the game has changed

What does this mean? 

This means consciously harnessing our nervous systems and efficiently shifting our behaviors to set the conditions for us to rise up and meet the moment. It means accessing the underlying current of radical change to trigger real transformation. It means using cutting-edge science to access the ultimate state of consciousness, where we feel our best and perform our best - Flow. 

This is the science of Human potential. 


What You'll Gain

When pushed beyond your boundaries, boundaries of biases—boundaries of assumptions, boundaries of possibility, boundaries of comfort, and boundaries of programming—you learn to make peace with ambiguity - even lean into it - and to unpack a deeper sense of self and generate lasting confidence. 

When you do these things, you create a new reality, a new way of living.

A new optimal.

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Program Features

Research-Based Curriculum - Virtual Coaching & Mircolearning - Daily Engagement, Connection & Application






Many companies are trying to figure out how to get to a ’new normal’ after the shelter in place orders are lifted. Instead of creating a new normal, create a new optimal for your company, organization or community! Start by practicing Flow! 

Research Has Shown the Exponential Benefits of Flow 


Increase in creative problem solving when in Flow

- University of Sydney


Faster skill acquisition when in Flow

- Advanced Brain Monitoring & DARPA

3 Days

Of heightened creativity after experiencing a flow state

- Harvard


Increase in executive productivity when in Flow

- McKinsey & Co.

Let's start a conversation about setting up a Flow Challenge for you and your teams!

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15 Minutes Per Day x 30 Days = Lasting Change

of participants surveyed:


Feel More Self-Aware


Able To Stay Calm in Difficult Situations 


Developed Ability To Be More Present


Increased Their Mind-Body Connection


Overall Quality-Of-Life Improved


Access More Flow

Participants' Takeaways

Paul McFadden

Leadership Strategist, Executive & Team Coach, Maryland/USA

Attention, consistency and a shared peer experience, exponentially increases self-accountability and is enhanced by group support. It starts with being intentional and taking small steps daily. Thank you!

Sarah Emmitt

Singer, Songwriter & Doula, Colorado/USA

Daily practice, check ins, and honestly with myself is my key to success.

Anthony Pero

Athlete, Michigan/USA

I think the biggest take away for me was being aware of how I feel and checking in with myself before I react or speak.

Jess Maspes Funke

Positivity & Productivity Guide, London/UK

It really takes less than 15 minutes a day to connect with your inner joy and invite more goodness into your life, starting your day with a deep sense of gratitude, greater appreciation for what you already have. What I experienced is that with this powerful positive energy that I bring into my day anything can happen yet I remain grounded, focused on opportunities and being resourceful. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Laura B.

I liked the app and the daily habit it created. Being exposed to different perspectives and ways of thinking about daily life, controlling emotions and feelings.

Torrey R.

Checking in with myself and recognizing what my triggers are and gaining the tools necessary to work through them. Being able to get grounded and be present throughout my day.

John Pearson

Executive Director, California/USA

I gained ability to be kind to myself and that making a choice actually has a direct effect on my well being.

Christine D. M.

Greater presence and being able to process my emotions before my actions.

Mike D.

I always had a problem with staying present or recognizing my emotions. This challenge really helped me with this. I actually stopped to recognize why I’m feeling that way and then adjusted myself.

Jennifer D.

Associate Chief Learning Officer, Washington DC/USA

That consistency works. It doesn’t have to be big to be a win. Reading the positive going on in other people’s lives makes a positive impact on my life. Reframing the things going on to find the positive opens your world to so many more possibilities. Checking in with yourself and connecting with others brings a sense of joy and gratitude I didn’t have previously.

Rodrigo B.

The importance to set aside a time to re-learn how to breathe and tap back into my organic state of mind.

Talia Noya

Customer Service Manager, Toronto/Canada

The rush of joy from a simple gratitude practice. It also made me realize how often I try to multitask when focusing on one thing at a time is actually both more relaxing, rewarding and efficient.

Laura S.

Increased my ability to be in the moment and enhanced my personal experience.




Participate Daily. Earn Points. Increase Your Chances to Win Prizes!


Based on Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and Gamification


15 Minutes of Daily Tasks and Inspiration via Text Message 

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Meet Your Flow Coaches

We integrate leading-edge scientific content with brain-based learning facilitation for optimum outcomes and enjoyment.

Damon Valentino

Damon is a respected high-performance coach - trained in performance psychology - and skilled group facilitator/trainer.

Damon’s clients include Big Ten and Pac 12 teams and coaches, startups, Fortune 500 companies, bestselling authors, elite athletes, aspiring athletes, CEOs, and everyday people looking to up-level their lives. His approach is to cultivate self-awareness and develop a realistic wellness plan for his clients as a foundation for creating meaningful and lasting change. He is a leading flow educator and helps his clients put flow in the center of their lives and organizations.

"My job is to find your strengths and help you build your life so that you are aligned with your purpose and poised to grow.”

—Damon Valentino


Scott Winter

Scott is a globally renowned facilitator, trainer, and brain-based coach with vast experience in delivering leadership, team, and personal development programs for organizations - big and small.

Scott integrates proven, research-based methods of coaching, group learning, and team facilitation that promote healthy habits to achieve flow. His brain-based facilitation methods challenge and stimulate individuals and teams towards an optimal state of being and doing.

"My role is to serve you through this journey with compassionate inquiry to assist you in your growth and development."

—Scott Winter


Yosef F.

"It gave me a language and strategies to set myself up for flow experiences in the midst of change and challenges."


“An opportunity to pause and tune in with yourself.”

Peter P.

“A great reason to spend time away from social media, build real-life skills and experience true connection.”

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The Flow of the Program

Each week is divided into a different theme to explore the gateways to Flow - Presence, Connection, Choice, and Growth. 

Week 0: Onboarding

We call this week zero, because it is the onboarding phase of the challenge. During this week before the challenge begins, Damon and Scott will be hosting a 90 Minute Introduction to Flow.

Week 1: Presence

This week will focus on the power of Presence. From breathwork to mindful practices, we introduce strategies for helping your nervous system 'struggle' well and recover effectively.

Week 2: Connection

In week two, we explore ways to better connect with your innate strengths as leverage points for improving your states and accessing flow.

Week 3: Choice

In week three, we introduce you to the three inflection points of choice - what you choose to let into your head; how you choose to process that information; and how you choose to act on the information you have processed. Developing a discipline and awareness around your choices is key to setting yourself up for a high flow lifestyle.

Week 4: Growth

Our final week focuses on giving you strategies for making the shifts you made during the 30-Day Flow Challenge permanent. 

Let's Celebrate Together!

All participants join together for a live call to conclude our journey and recap stories of connection and growth.

We'll be holding a raffle for a number of Flow resources that consist of bio-feedback tools, books, HRV monitoring, and other fun gadgets and helpful tools to keep you in the flow.

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Gradually Stretch Your Mind and Grow Each Day!


All it takes are 15 minutes per day for you to:

Train Your Attention

Live in the Moment

Develop a Clear Perspective

Build Healthy Habits

Create a Resilient Lifestyle

Connect and Collaborate

Access More Flow!

Get a text in the mornings and simply play along!


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