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Collaborative Mindset

This business simulation centers around a new board game, FreshBiz.

FreshBiz playfully removes mental blockages by increasing awareness about scarcity mentality, fear-based and competitive thinking.  It allows participants to discover radical new ways of interacting and generating value by practicing effective collaboration skills – all in a fun and interactive game experience. 

Standard workshop duration is 3 hours.


Developed in the Startup Nation of Israel, FreshBiz is used across the globe as training tool by a growing network of leadership development consultants. Played by over 60,000 workshop participants in over 30 countries at the UN, Conscious Capitalism, Prada, WeWork, Microsoft, Audi, Sony, and many more market-leading companies and organizations, FreshBiz has been dubbed “THE game of the New Sharing Economy”.

We invite you to experience FreshBiz!

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