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Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦

Fierce Conversations

Communication Training And Workshops That Teach Your Team How To Talk About What Matters. Fierce Conversations empower individuals to have authentic, meaningful dialogues, fostering a culture of openness and understanding that fuels collaboration.


In the Fierce Foundations program, master facilitators reveal:

  • 3 transformational ideas that will recharge every conversation — at work and at home

  • The 7 core principles of Fierce Conversations and how to apply them immediately

  • The steep costs of avoiding uncomfortable conversations

  • How to identify and enlarge your perceptional “filters”

  • The dangers of mokitas: things that everyone knows, but no one talks about

  • A surprising new definition for “conversation” and how it will shift your outcomes

  • The 6 hallmarks of an authentically Fierce conversation

  • Your most valuable currency (spoiler alert: it’s not money)

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