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Expanding the Horizons of Collaboration: A New Cohort of Certified Radical Collaboration Trainers

In March, a group of eleven facilitators participated in the Radical Collaboration Trainers Certification Workshop in Sutter Creek, CA, amplifying the power of collaboration across communities in the United States and Canada. This diverse group of facilitators brings a wealth of experience from various sectors including education, healthcare, nonprofits, government agencies, and community development. Their certification marks a significant milestone in the journey of the Collaborative Commons, as it strives to grow green zone environments where self-awareness, mutual respect, and shared success are the norms.

Introducing the Newly Certified Trainers:

  • Alyssa Bostwick – Specializing in healthcare, Alyssa is dedicated to incorporating collaborative methods into the health sector to enhance team-based patient care.

  • Eileen Pippins – An educator and seasoned facilitator, Eileen is passionate about nurturing effective collaboration within academic and nonprofit institutions.

  • Glen Olson – Focused on leadership development, Glen is adept at guiding leaders and teams through transformative growth and cooperative strategies.

  • Gloria Halley – As an education specialist across the state of California, Gloria brings a wealth of knowledge on fostering collaboration within educational systems.

  • Jaime Partlow – Specializing in business development and leadership coaching, Jaime empowers organizations to achieve their goals through strategic collaboration.

  • Jennifer Foglesong – An education and CTE specialist, Jennifer is committed to integrating collaborative practices into educational curricula and vocational training.

  • Jovanni Tricerri – With a dual focus on community development and nonprofit leadership, Jovanni excels in building consensus and fostering teamwork within communities and organizations.

  • Keesha Hills – A leader in nonprofit leadership, Keesha’s expertise lies in mobilizing teams towards achieving impactful social change through collaborative effort.

  • Maria Pappas – Known for her leadership in the nonprofit sector, Maria empowers organizations with the tools to build effective teams and foster mutual success.

  • Rodi W. Adema – A versatile professional covering roles from mentor and coach to recruiter and leadership development advisor, Rodi brings a holistic approach to fostering collaboration across various sectors.

  • Ronen Pessar – A business development and sales expert, Ronen specializes in teaching teams how to navigate complex negotiations and collaborations for successful outcomes.

Guiding this remarkable group were seasoned trainers Paul Massieu Arvizu, who extends the reach of Radical Collaboration workshops throughout Latin America; Malou Laureys, bringing transformative learning experiences to Europe; Jim Tamm, the visionary author and creator of Radical Collaboration; and Scott Winter,  leading the effort to increase capacity for teams with the Radical Collaboration framework.

The certification of these eleven facilitators is more than an addition to the roster of trainers. It represents a broadening of the Collaborative Commons' ability to meet the growing demand for collaborative skills in an increasingly complex world. With their varied backgrounds, these trainers are uniquely positioned to tailor the Radical Collaboration principles to the specific needs of different sectors, thereby enriching the tapestry of communities they serve.

As we celebrate the expansion of our team, we also look forward to the ripple effects of this training. The work ahead for these facilitators is vital. By embedding the values of mutual respect, open communication, and shared success into the fabric of teams and organizations, they are not just teaching skills—they are nurturing the seeds of a more collaborative world.

As the Collaborative Commons continues to champion the cause of building cooperative skills across the globe, we celebrate the addition of these trainers to our family. Their commitment to transforming workplaces, communities, and organizations through Radical Collaboration is a vision for a future where collaboration is not just a skill, but a universal value.

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